Local Faves

Smitty's Country Ham: If you enjoy the flavor of naturally-aged, sugar-cured country ham, then a Smitty's Country Ham is just what you have been looking for. A Central Kentucky tradition for over 40 years, Smitty's Country Hams are available cooked or uncooked, whole or sliced.
Ruth Hunt Candies:Home of the "Blue Monday" candy bar. Make Kentucky's best kept secret your new discovery! Described by customers as "totally unique, sophisticated and addicting", no Ruth Hunt candy generates as many letters or phone calls.
Beer Cheese:This Central Kentucky treat originated in 1950's and is definitely habit forming. A combination of mild cheddar cheese, beer and various spices, it has a unique, "snappy" (but not too hot) flavor. Due to its perishable nature, special shipping arrangements are necessary.
Salt Rising BreadLike beaten biscuits, salt rising bread originated in the early 1800's partly due to the scarcity of lavening agents (yeast). It relied on a fermented mixture of warm milk or water, flour, cornmeal, sugar and salt to give it rising power. The result of a four step process, salt rising bread has a very smooth texture with a tangy flavor and aroma.
Beaten BiscuitsBeaten biscuits are a southern tradition, originating in the early 1800's. Due to the lack of readily available leavening agents, they were made by beating the dough with a cook's ax until it blistered (about 15-30 minutes). Experience a little history today when you try a slice of Smitty's Baked Country Ham on a beaten biscuit.
Jam Cake:Fresh pecans, Windstone Farms Blackberry Jam, nutmeg, cocoa, ground cinnamon.....only the finest ingredients are good enough for our made-from scratch Jam Cakes. Covered with rich, creamy caramel icing, our Jam Cakes are guaranteed moist and delicious and are sure to be the perfect ending to your holiday meal. we know you'll enjoy this delectable Kentucky Christmas tradition.
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